Sunday, January 22, 2012

Haywire (2012)

As soon as I saw the trailer for Haywire I had to see it. It reminded me of the pilot episode of Alias which is one of the best pilots of a TV show that has ever aired. Besides that point I saw a girl kicking the crap out of a guy, I am such a sucker for a tough chick.
            Former US Marine Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is on the run. She is hiding out in a small town diner when she sees a car pull up and someone she knows walks out. Mallory is in no way happy about it but there is nothing she can do. The guy’s name is Aaron (Channing Tatum) who was her former partner. They get to talking when he says the wrong thing and they get into a fight. Other guys in the diner think that Aaron is abusing her until he knocks them over then they see Mallory get on top of Aaron and breaks his arm.
            Mallory walks out with a kid named Scott taking him and his car for a ride. In the car she tells Scott what is going on and why (you may think this is stupid only if you do not think that she is telling him all this in case anything happens to her). Much of the story form this point is told through flashbacks: Mallory is a gun for hire so to speak. She works with a government contractor who if there is a need to do away with someone or to get someone back, they are hired. Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), her boss and former lover, tells Mallory that there is a special assignment where they are to retrieve a hostage from Barcelona and bring him back to the States. The plan is pretty solid, they only have three and a half to four minutes to pull the whole thing off.
            Unfortunately their time is not accurate and they are seen but they do get their target out of Barcelona. After that Kenneth sets Mallory up on another part of the same mission but this time she is sent to Dublin to meet up with a man named Paul (Michael Fassbender). From the moment Mallory meets Paul her guard is up: she puts a track on his phone and checks over his things when they get to their hotel room. That night they attend a party where her suspicions about Paul come to light.
            After some heavy fighting Mallory is now running for her life. She is able to get out of Dublin and somehow winds up traveling through the middle nowhere ending up at the diner.
            Now in the present Mallory needs all the help she can get to clear her name of something she did not do and to punish the people who are pursuing her.
            I cannot give away too much because 1) it is a tad confusing and 2) why spoil a good movie?
            I enjoyed Haywire very much. There are no pop out moments, no huge explosions or big shootouts it is just a good revenge movie. One aspect of the film I really liked was how there was not a lot of music. If you have ever seen Alias or any spy/thriller movie every time there is a fight there is usually some kind of fast paced music playing in the background. There was none of that here I loved that we just got to hear the fighting and focus on that. Gina Carano for not being a professional or trained actress was not bad at all. My only real complaint about the film is that I would have liked to have seen more fight scenes. The whole film is kind of hyped that Carano is an MMA fighter and there are not as many fight scenes as expected. Other than that the movie was great. The rest of the cast was really good especially Ewan McGregor as the bad guy. I have to warn you though the ending may not be satisfying but I liked it, it was different.
            Haywire is an awesome movie from start to finish. Mallory is just the kind of perfect tough girl I love to see. I would suggest seeing it with someone else so you can talk over the plot. 

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