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Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

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“You are one of us, you paid the registration fee.”

            I love guy humor. I love bawdy, raunchy, crazy silly, ridiculous humor. I will most likely be the first one laughing at farts, burps, and any kind of shit stories (my current idols in this department are Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. Go listen to Grace’s Not Too Deep podcast or watch her videos Fart Soundboard Challenge and I Almost Sh*t My Pants and go watch anything on Mamrie’s two channels You Deserve a Drink and Mametown). Most women will not admit to thinking that guy humor and bodily functions are hilarious and that to me is sad I feel like they are missing out on some good gut wrenching laughs. Ever since Bridesmaids it has become more mainstream for women to act like guys and say things like guys. Well we actually already did but it was never really too out loud or in the mainstream. I praise Bridesmaids for bringing that humor with women forward. It helped bring about Pitch Perfect which was hysterical and wonderfully entertaining to hear insane things come out of the mouths of Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. Both actresses come back for more hilarity and insanity in Pitch Perfect 2 and even more bawdy and raunchy humor.
            Since the first Pitch Perfect movie the Barden Bellas have dominated the world of accapella group competitions. They are chosen to sing at President Obama’s birthday at the Kennedy Center in DC. Their routine goes over really well until Fat Amy (Wilson) does an in the acrobatic routine and splits her costume revealing parts of her that the whole world does not want to see. Even though the clothing malfunction was an accident the Bellas are band from competing and from their victory tour they were about to go on. And they cannot audition any new members. Chloe (Brittany Snow) finds a loop hole that will let them compete in a huge international competition. Their only serious competition is the German accapella group Das Sound Machine. The group has a lot of members and incredible sound. They are lead by a woman that Beca has a hard time getting herself together and makes her sexually confused in the most hilarious of ways.
            Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) is a freshman at Barden College. Her mother (Katey Sagal) was a Bella and it means everything to both of them if Emily makes it into the group. Emily idolizes the Bellas for all they have achieved and also because she is a legacy. Since the Bellas were not allowed to perform to get new students to try out Emily finds the Bellas at their house. She technically came to them so they are not breaking the rule of auditioning people and let her in.
            While all of this is going on Beca (Kendrick) has gotten an internship at a record company. She knows the Bellas are not her whole life and this internship might possibly lead to something for her. The producer wants a new sound for Snoop Dog’s Christmas album. He does not want a traditional sound. No one comes up with any ideas so Beca comes in and with the help of a soundboard and singing a different Christmas song on top of the one Snoop is singing creates the sound the producer is looking for. He wants her to give him a demo of her work. Now on top of creating mixes for the Bellas Beca also now has to create a demo.
            The Bellas perform at some event with a bunch of old people and it is a disaster. Chloe decides that the best thing for all of them to do is to go on a retreat to find their sound again and get closer together since they are all drifting apart. They go to a retreat out in the middle of the woods run by former Bella Aubrey (Anna Camp). After getting out a lot of frustrations about each other and themselves the Bellas come back to school stronger and ready to kick some ass in the international finals.
            If you cannot guess who wins the international finals then you obviously live under a ginormous movie rock and need to get out from underneath it.
            Anna Kendrick is fucking amazing. I love this girl as a human being and an actress so much. Her delivery of Beca’s snarky lines is so spot on. I was laughing so hard in her scenes where Beca is around the German woman and cannot handle how sexually confused she is around her. Rebel Wilson was really funny. There was a scene with Fat Amy during the retreat that cracked me up so much that I had tears running down my cheek. It was also a scene that I was so excited to hear/see in a chick/teen flick. I have to admit as much as I liked the first Pitch Perfect I had no plans on seeing the second one… that is until I found out that Flula Borg was in it. If you have not seen the movie yet he is the German guy in the trailers on TV in the mesh black shirt. If you have never even heard of Flula just stop reading this right now and go check him out on his YouTube channel. The guy is so damn funny (especially in his collaborations with Mamrie Hart. FLAMRIE!!!!) he puts on such a great act and his songs he comes up with are so wacky. If you do not want to hug Flula after watching one of his videos or even after seeing the movie than you need to go away off this earth. Hailee Steinfeld was adorable. I really liked her character because she did a great job playing Emily. I liked how Emily was the fan girl getting to hang with her faves. She gets to do what every fan girl dreams of, ha ha.
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            Elizabeth Banks did a wonderful job directing the movie. Her direction gave the story a little more heart than the first one.

            Pitch Perfect 2 was a good time. I did not go in expecting anything mind blowing or fantastic. I just went into it that I liked enjoyed the first one and I knew I would enjoy this one. And how could I have been let down with Flula Borg as one of the evil Germans? The story was predictable as most are these days. You can tell that by bringing in Hailee Steinfeld that they are hoping to do another Pitch Perfect with her as the leader of the Bellas. I did not mind paying the money to see Pitch Perfect 2 in theaters. If you liked the first movie it is worth seeing in theaters. I may even get it when it is out on Blu Ray… majorly on sale. 
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