Tuesday, June 16, 2015

See Girl Run (2012)

So See Girl Run has a dry, bit of a boring plot that I am not even going to spend too much time and space explaining the plot.
            Emmie (Robin Tunney) is a young woman living in New York with her lawyer husband. She works in an animal shelter taking care of dogs. For some time Emmie has been unhappy in her marriage for a while. She looks at an old box of stuff from her former boyfriend Jason (Adam Scott). Looking at the box and all his notes and drawings Emmie gets the urge to head back home to Maine.
            Jason is a painter and a waiter working at a local restaurant. He really has no motivation or he does and all his motivation goes into his paintings of cartoon frogs. Jason broke up with his girlfriend because he did not feel it was working and she did not like his art work.
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            Emmie does not want Jason to know she is in town and spends the time kind of spying on him. She also goes back to her parents’ home and sees some major changes especially to her brother.
            In the end Jason finds out that Emmie is around and he asks her out on a date. Before the date Emmie watches a video tape of the day her husband proposed to her and she realizes she loves him. She meets up with Jason and tells him she cannot spend time with him.
            See Girl Run was not truly terrible. I think it was interesting seeing an adult who still was not sure about their life choices and just needed to get away to see if her current life was working. Who does not need to run away for a while to figure themselves out? I wish I could sometimes but I got nowhere to go. Anyway… I like Robin Tunney as an actress I have liked her in some of her movies and TV shows I have watched. Adam Scott is wonderful in anything he is in. It was directed very well and the cinematography really enhanced some of the scenes. I just turned on See Girl Run because I was in the mood for a short movie and I saw Robin Tunney was in it. See Girl Run is worth seeing at least once even if I did find it a bit boring and typical. Well, the ending was not so typical I liked it. The movie is available to watch on Netflix.
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