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The Spectacular Now (2013)

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 “It's fine to just live in the now, but the best part about now is there's another one tomorrow.”

            I was never one to live in the moment. I am still not really living in the moment. I am always worried about what will happen in the future or looking towards the following day or days to come. Maybe I am always looking ahead for a few reasons: I look forward to the day when I have a real job and can make money and not have to literally live pay check to paycheck, the day when I can move out of my house and into a place of my own (or with roommates whatever is cheaper), the day when I am truly happy with myself and do not feel like such shit about how I never lived my life. I am envious of my friends and relatives who have lived such exciting lives and have done things to have such fun. Some of my issues come down to having ADHD and its symptoms. Well, a lot of my issues stem from ADHD such as anxiety which is most likely the reason I never went out and had a good time. A lot of it also has to do with the fact that I am piss broke and cannot do shit!
            Up until maybe two years ago I always wanted to go out but then I would over think it and just want to stay home. Now if I go out with friends or out with my cousins who live near New York City I do not want to come home. The only reason I do want to go home is because of my bed. When I go out now I say yes to things because I want the experience. I never know what or where life will bring me. A few weeks ago I got to go to a great comedy show with three of my favorite YouTubers. I met such awesome people one of whom was a friend of a friend. She asked if I wanted to go out drinking with her after. If I did not have to go to Book Con the next day with my friend from home I would have had a fucking blast staying out all night. A few weeks after the show and I still wish I could have gone out that night.
            Now whenever I get the opportunity I will take it and live in the moment and just let (good) things happen. I want to have crazy stories to tell and adventures to remember. I want to desperately meet new people and expand my comfort zone.
            All this blabbering about my lack of living in the moment does relate to the movie The Spectacular Now in some ways.
            Sutter Keely (Miles Teller) is a hard partying high school senior. He is the life of every party he goes to and drinks until he can no longer remember anything. He did have a girlfriend named Cassidy (Brie Larson) until she broke up with him because he was such a mess. One night after a party Sutter has somehow wound up a front lawn of a house. Aimee (Shailene Woodley) lives in  the house and she is a classmate of Sutter’s. She has a newspaper delivery route and brings Sutter along to drop him off.
            When he fully comes to sometime later Sutter realizes he likes Aimee. He goes to her house and sees she is a sweet girl who likes to draw and reads manga novels. It is not long until the two are dating even though Sutter still has feelings for Cassidy. Sutter teaches Aimee to have some fun in her life through his spontaneity.  He realizes that he is not good enough for Cassidy but he seems good enough for Aimee. He feels bad that Aimee is in love with him because he sees what kind of person he is: a kid with no plans for the future who just worries about what is happening in the now and does not take life seriously.
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            There is a lot more to the story. Sutter is a bit of a dick. I really did not like him that much until he realized how much of a dick he is and saw that he needed to change. It was interesting that he lived in the moment and how much of a dick he was. I knew kids like that in high school and they always drove me nuts because they tried to be so charming and slick. In the end I did sympathize with Sutter probably because he decided to change his life just like I have been doing.
            Miles Teller was awesome. I have seen some movies he has been in (I have yet to see Whiplash at the time of this writing) and I think he is really talented. I hope he gets more attention as an actor. Shailene Woodley annoys me. She was not too bad but there is something about her that I cannot get into. To me she is a bit blah as an actress in most of the movies I have seen her in. Brie Larson is becoming one of my acting girl crushes. She is such a good actress and nailed her small scenes in this movie.

            The Spectacular Now is a very good movie. The story is about a high school kid but I think anyone can relate to it. You know people like the characters from either high school or your adult life. I liked how I sympathize with Sutter yet I could not stand him. The Spectacular Now is definitely worth watching. 

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