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Sisters (2015)

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I do not have sisters. I am the only girl with three younger brothers. Nothing against sisters or girls but I have never wanted a sister. I do not know how to handle being a girl myself let alone living with another hormone infused bitch. It is nice to know I am the only one in the house besides my mom that has that bitch time. I have never had to share clothes or even a room. I have had it pretty good in my family being the only girl.
            I do have girl friends that I definitely consider being like sisters to me. I have one friend I have known since fourth grade and we definitely became like sisters over the years. That is the kind of friendship my two favorite actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have. Fey and Poehler have known each other for a very long time and it is very evident when they are together that they are close like sisters. And how fitting it is for them to be in a movie titled Sisters where they actually get to play sisters.
            Kate (Fey) and Maura (Poehler) Ellis are sisters who are complete opposites. Kate is the rebellious, crazy, unserious one who likes to have a good time and party. Maura has always been the goody-two-shoes selflessly thinking of other people who never really had fun growing up. Maura gets a call from her parents that they are selling their old house down in Florida to move to an adult community. They want Maura and Kate to come down and clean out their old room.
            When they get down to the house Kate and Maura freak out because their parents had already sold the house and moved out they just needed them to come clean out their old rooms like they said. As they start going through their stuff Maura comments that she never had any fun she was always the one who drove everyone home and helped everyone out when they needed to puke. Kate gets the idea to throw one last crazy wild party at their house like she used when they were in high school. They call their party Ellis Island Revamped.
            Their house party gets a little out of hand like it is a high school party all over again. And also some tensions come out between the sisters and as usual they all get resolved by the end of the movie.
            Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are two of my idols. I remember watching them religiously on Saturday Night Live. I love how they do not give any shits with their comedy they are so unapologetic. I adore them as comedians and human beings. Usually it is Amy Poehler who plays the batshit crazy kind of trashy person and Tina Fey is the straight laced no nonsense one. In Sisters their usual roles got completely reversed and Tina Fey was fucking amazing! Seeing Tina Fey as the batshit crazy one was one of the highlights of my life. I was laughing so hard in every one of her scenes. It just so not her and that is what made Tina Fey playing this crazy person all the more hilarious. I was crying laughing every time the word “fuck” came out of her mouth. There was one scene at the end where she takes a selfie with a graffitied dick on the wall and I lost it. It may sound weird but I felt so unsettled watching Amy Poehler not be the crazy one. She was a bit of a wilder Leslie Knope but not by much. I love the character of Leslie Knope and Amy Poehler was perfection in role but I just always feel uncomfortable watching the character. That is how I felt with Maura but I still liked her because Amy Poehler is amazing.
            The rest of the cast was brilliant. Maya Rudolph and Rachel Dratch are two of Fey and Poehler’s close friends so of course they were in it and of course I loved seeing them in it. Kate McKinnon and Bobby Moynihan are in it. Ike Barinholtz plays Poehler’s love interest and he was not over the top annoying I liked him. John Cena has possibly one of the best cameos in a movie. Kate was trying to get with his character and those scenes were hilarious because he just stood there while she tried her best.

            Sisters is everything I could have hope for, for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to make. All their humor is there. It is raunchy and silly and crazy and totally hilarious from start to finish. I was dying for them to make a movie that was rated R so they can be as raunchy and outrageous as they wanted and Sisters delivered! I can only hope that if I had a sister that we could have a relationship like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s friendship and Kate and Maura. Definitely go see Sisters as soon as you can it is one of the best laughs you will have. 

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