Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

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“The hotel business is about strangers, and strangers will surprise you.”

            Dirty Pretty Things is a movie I have wanted to see for a while. I never had any idea what on earth it was about all I knew about is that Audrey Tautou is on the poster and I had to see it since she is one of my favorite actresses. Based off the title it has a story I definitely was not expecting.
            Okwe (Chiwetel Ejofor) is an undocumented immigrant working multiple jobs in a rough section of London. One of his several jobs is as a concierge and maintenance attendant at a shady hotel called The Baltic Hotel. A prostitute who frequents the hotel comes down one day and tells Okwe that the toilet in the room she just came out of is backed up. He rigs up a clothes hanger to try to get whatever was backing the toilet up down. When the blockage does not move Okwe sticks his hand in and pulls it out. In his hand is a human heart. He knows it is definitely a human heart he used to be a doctor in his country.
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            Sometime later two African men come into the staff room. The younger man is in serious pain. When Okwe takes a look the younger man has a serious wound that has become infected. Okwe realizes that the man has had his kidney crudely removed.
            After these events Okwe’s world in London starts to spiral. He and his roommate and fellow hotel employee, refugee Senay Gelik (Audrey Tautou), are in trouble with immigration services and their boss at the hotel. Their sleazy boss forces Okwe into performing illegal surgery and Senay has had to take another job to stay away from the hotel in order to not be taken in by immigration. Senay is given the opportunity to get out of the country on a fake passport from the hotel boss but she has to give up a kidney and do some sexual things with the boss. Okwe has to perform the surgery. Okwe and Senay turn the tables on the boss by drugging his drink, performing the surgery on him, and getting away with their fake passports.

            Dirty Pretty Things was alright. The story was interesting but to me there were more slow parts than ones that grabbed my attention. The story almost turned my stomach because all the characters were so sleazy and off putting. Dirty Pretty Things is worth watching at least once especially because this is Audrey Tautou’s first English speaking role and she is of course she is just an awesome actress.
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