Saturday, May 2, 2015

Thor (2011)

“You can't kill an entire race!”
“Why not?... And what is this new found love for the Frost Giants? You, could have killed them all with your bare hands!”
“I've changed.”

Thor is yet another Marvel superhero story where a vain, greedy man is shown the error of his ways once something happens to him after he had done a not so good thing. This time instead of a rich billionaire like in Iron Man it is literally a mythological god who is sent down to earth.
            Several centuries ago there was a war between some mythological figures the Asgardians and some kind of ice people. The ice people were defeated and all the realms lived in peace. The leader of Asgard is a king named Odin (Anthony Hopkins). He has two sons Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Thor is the oldest and set to become the next king of Asgard should anything happen to Odin. He is eager to go to war with any realm who wants to start one.
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            Somehow during a ceremony the ice people manage to break into the castle at Asgard. Thor gathers Loki and a few of their friends to go to the realm of the ice people and start shit. Well, they start a pile of shit that gets so huge that Odin comes and gets super pissed at his son because now peace with the ice people has just ceased. Odin banishes Thor to the realm of earth without his powers and the ability to pick up his mighty hammer unless someone becomes worthy of it like Thor once was.
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            Thor comes crashing down on a site that is being monitored by scientists Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Erik Selvig (Stellan Skargard) and student helper Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings). Jane unavoidably hits Thor with her car and they take him to the hospital. In photographs they took of the lightening strike that came before they crashed into Thor they see the outline of his body on the lightening. They rush to the hospital only to hit Thor yet again with the car after he escaped from the doctors and nurses.
            Back in Asgard Loki learns some things about himself that do not please him at all. He becomes vengeful and evil. He wants Odin to die so he can be king and seek his revenge. He also wants to find Thor and kill him. Loki has always been jealous of Thor as the older brother who got whatever he wanted.
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            On earth Jane and Thor begin to fall in love (what a damn bore). Jane is willing to risk her reputation and her life to help Thor to retrieve his hammer. The only issue is his hammer has been sealed up by S.H.I.E.L.D who want to study it. He breaks into the facility but he is still not worthy of the hammer after what he did to the ice people.
            To make a long story short: Loki comes to earth looking for Thor, Thor fights Loki and he once again becomes worthy of his hammer, the brothers fight and it looks like Loki has died, Thor is upset and brooding because he has come to like earth and he cannot see Jane again.
            .The cast was great Marvel is amazing when it comes to casting even their most secondary of characters. I loved seeing Kat Dennings she cracks me up so much no matter what she does or says. She brought great comedy to the movie right from the beginning. Darcy said what every woman who watches this movie is thinking when it comes to Thor/Chris Hemsworth. Tom Hiddleston was brilliant. I have seen The Avengers more times than I can count so it was finally nice to see what crept up Loki’s ass to make him so vengeful and evil. I have a harder crush/love for Loki than I do for Thor and that is down to Hiddleston I think he is such a brilliant actor. I felt the character of Jane was not very well written or acted. She just felt flat either due to the writing or Natalie Portman’s acting. I have to mention Josh Dallas, Prince Charming from the TV show Once Upon a Time, played one of Thor’s buddies. I was dying because he had blond hair and an awful mustache and I just kept thinking of him as Prince Charming.
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  My family has raved about Thor since it came out. They constantly rave about how much they love Thor. It has taken me four years to finally sit down and watch it. The story of a spoiled man-child reminded me of Tony Stark. With Tony Stark something happened to him that made him turn his life around. Same with Thor, he got kicked out of his home realm and he realized what a dick he was and he changed. That kind of story drives me a little nuts. But as a whole Thor was a goodAs with most of the Marvel movies I have watched so far Thor is worth seeing as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And of course I would not be a woman if I did not mention that Thor is worth seeing for a shirtless Chris Hemsworth… shallow I know but deal with it.
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