Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Senator Was Indiscreet (1947)

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“You can't go around quoting politicians correctly! That's dirty journalism and you know it!”

            Politics can suck it. I am not a registered voter. Before anyone starts getting all pissy with me I do not vote because I do not follow politics they bore me to tears and I am not going to vote for lying people that I do not know anything about. I am not going to be an ignorant idiot going to the polls to vote when I do not know what they are promising… in the words of Grace Helbig “Too deep! Moving on!”. There is a point in my too deep ranting and that is I do not like politics and I do not like politics in film form. Even in satire politics drive me nuts. The only way I even bothered to sit through a film entitled The Senator was Indiscreet was for the always entertaining William Powell.
            Senator Melvin Ashton (Powell) has been a member of a certain political party for thirty-five years and has been in the senate for several years. He has been very content in his job as a US Senator. His new agent Lew Gibson is young and believes he can help Melvin reach the White House. Melvin has no aspirations for the White House but Lew’s fiancé Poppy McNaughton (Ella Raines) has a different idea. Like Lew, Poppy wants to see Melvin get into the White House only she wants to get him there by making him a laughing stock.
            Melvin really has no chance of getting into the White House. His speeches are incredibly long and excruciatingly boring. He is a bumbling mess of an old man. Poppy keeps writing up stories about him running for the highest office and the party Melvin belongs to is not too happy with him. They believe that the only reason he is denying he is running and traveling is because he wants to run for the presidency. The head of the party wants Melvin to leave but Melvin has a trick up his sleeve. For the past thirty-five years he has been keeping a diary of every single meeting and event of the party. This back the head off of him as he is afraid of will get out if he does not let Melvin have his way. A few days later Melvin finds the diary has gone missing.
            To make a long story short: the party tries to get Melvin to leave but he has no skills outside of being a senator; Lew and Poppy find the diary, Poppy desperately wants to print everything in it but Lew gets it away from  her and gives it back to Melvin; somehow Melvin becomes a leader of a tropical island.

            The Senator Was Indiscreet is definitely not one of the best William Powell films I have seen. I liked seeing his goofy side he had an excellent goofy side he was brilliant with comedy. The story just did not catch my attention. There were some scenes where I was like what on earth is happening, who the hell is this character, who wants this diary. I am sure it was explained but I did not catch it. Throughout the film Melvin kept calling his wife to keep her updated on certain things. In the end he sees her on the island. I will leave you to guess who his wife was. Other than the surprising ending and William Powell’s screwball antics The Senator Was Indiscreet was boring. I am glad to have seen it as it is a William Powell film. If you are not a fan of William Powell skip it.
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