Sunday, September 23, 2012

Silent Sundays: The Haunted Castle (1921)

Let me start off by saying there is no haunted castle in The Haunted Castle. I read somewhere that the title was not translated well and it is obvious once you watch the film that the castle is not haunted. Well maybe in a way the place is; it is haunted with memories and guilt. Ah, I get it now I thought the title out, took me a while to figure that out.
            I had a little trouble following the plot. Looking back I have no idea why but I did. So from what I was able to absorb a group of men are gathered at a castle owned by a man named Vogeloed for a hunting party that got rained out. A man named Count Oetsch comes to the party uninvited. Oetsch has been convicted of a crime by the rumor of a local judge of killing his own brother. His brother’s wife Baroness Safferstätt and her new husband have been invited to the party. Oetsch plans to have the Baroness confess to what happened to his brother and his plan is genius.
            The film is not that long to really write a synopsis of the plot and to give too much away. Thinking back on the film and the plot it really was very good and I feel maybe ahead of its time. The plot is heavy for a silent film and the story is a story that would not be done again for a long time (possibly I am just saying this based on my current film studies knowledge please correct me I am wrong I do not mind).
            The Haunted Castle is currently on Youtube. The more I see of German silent films the more I admire their filmmaking and style and their stories. The Haunted Castle had a good story that has been done since but not in the same style. There is a definite chilling sense of mystery and suspense. The Haunted Castle is not a silent film I would rush to watch but if you have the time and want to see a different kind of silent film head over and give it a go. 

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