Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Big Chill (1983)

 “Do you think we're all trying trying to avoid dealing with Alex? You know, every time it comes up somebody changes the subject.”
“Hey, it's a dead subject.”

            I remember when I was working at Best Buy years ago seeing the soundtrack for The Big Chill. I think the soundtrack was reissued for some anniversary of the movie. I can remember thinking that the movie, based solely off of its poster, looked like it would be silly and boring yet for some reason I wanted to someday sit through it. Since the time I first saw the soundtrack for The Big Chill I have had several other jobs and have grown into a movie buff. I finally got around to seeing the movie and I was right that I would find it boring.
            A group of former college friends reunites at the funeral of one of their friends named Alex. They all feel guilty that they used to all be so close and neither one of them knew how Alex was feeling and why he would want to kill himself.
            They all stay at the home of Harold (Kevin Klein) and Sarah (Glen Close) for a few days. Harold and Sarah have a lot of money and they have a family. The others are a housewife, a TV show star, a journalist, a lawyer, a former radio host, and Alex’s girlfriend. They have all come a far way from where they were in college. Besides Harold and Sarah they are all unhappy with their lives.

            Really, that is all I got out of The Big Chill. I got so bored of it before it was half way in. The story depressed me and it was not the story of their friend killing himself that depressed me. It was seeing how miserable these people were in their lives that depressed me. They had all wanted great things to happen to them and they just fell flat. I hope and pray all the time that my life does not end up in the crapper and I constantly feel miserable. The Big Chill was not terrible but it is a movie I do not plan on ever seeing it again I found it boring beyond what my focus and attention span could handle. I will say it is worth watching just once.

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