Monday, October 3, 2011

Haunted Honeymoon (1986)

“This is gonna be some wedding. A loony for a husband, and Peter Pan for his wife.”

            As soon as I see Gene Wilder in anything I know it is going to be a very funny and very entertaining movie. Haunted Honeymoon not only has Gene Wilder as one of the main stars Gilda Radner and Dom DeLuise also star in the movie. What comedy movie on earth can be funnier than a movie with these three?
            Wilder plays Larry Abbott a radio actor who is engaged to another radio actor named Vicki Pearle (Radner). The radio program tells mystery stories every week and is number one in the country. Ever since Larry got engaged to Vicki he has been going a little crazy (on top of already being neurotic before this). Whenever he hears a storm he stares into space and asks if his tie is straight. The radio sponsor and director are none too pleased with the way Larry is behaving they do not want his outbursts to ruin the show.
            A man walks in telling the sponsor and director that he is Larry’s uncle who happens to be a psychologist. He tells them that in order to cure Larry they need to scare his fear out of him. That weekend Larry and Vicki are to be married in his family’s old home and there with all the family the uncle wants to put his plans into action.
            The Gothic mansion is dark and ominous and as soon as Vicki and Larry arrive it begins to rain. As the other guests arrive they are either sinister or just nuts. Living in the house is Larry’s aunt Kate (DeLuise). She is an eccentric old lady who believes in werewolves and believes there is one running out the grounds. As the night goes on everyone begins to drive Larry crazy. Vicki was not in on the whole plan at first but she is eventually brought into it.
            Of all the things going on with Larry, no one realizes his cousin Francis has been murdered and that someone else has been murdered as well. Now there is a killer going after Larry because he is set to inherit money from Aunt Kate when no one else is.
            I cannot give too much away the movie is just so damn funny it would be a shame to give too much away.
            Gene Wilder is in one of his best roles. No one could do insane and crazy like he could. Not only is Wilder one of the main characters he also wrote and directed the film. The man was just awesome he could do everything. Gilda Radner never fails to be adorable and outrageously hysterical. She has some of my favorite scenes like when she first sees Pfister and she babbling and scared of him and when an old girlfriend of Larry’s keeps going after him she stops the women at Larry’s door, says beat it, and she struts back to her room. Dom DeLuise as a woman is one of the funniest things ever, no one could have played that role better male or female.
            Haunted Honeymoon is one of the best comedy movies ever. It is like most of Wilder’s films and his films with Mel Brooks I can watch them over and over again and know them by heart but I always laugh so hard. 

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