Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Little Help (2011)

When I found out Jenna Fischer was in a new movie called A Little Help I had to see this but unfortunately the movie was on a limited release and not playing anywhere around me. I endlessly looked up clips and trailers and what I could find was really funny. The other day I went to a video store looking for two movies which of course were not there. I was walking out the store when I happened to see A Little Help on DVD. I nearly passed out but as soon as I saw it I grabbed it and bought it. I had no idea it was out already when it had just been released in July.
            Laura’s marriage is not going to well at the moment. Her husband Bob (Chris O’Donnell) is constantly working and she thinks he is cheating on her. Her son cannot tolerate her at all and is always asking why Bob is not around more. Laura is not even happy with herself, she has been drinking a lot and smoking thinking no one notices.
            On the night of a family party Bob and Laura argue about what is wrong with their marriage and blaming all the problems on the other. Bob has not been feeling good most of the day and does not want to talk about it. Laura runs out of the house and as Bob is running after her he collapses grabbing his chest. The doctor at the hospital says that Bob is just suffering from anxiety there is nothing wrong with him. That night though while Laura is trying to please him Bob has an arrhythmia and dies.
            Now Laura’s life is really turned upside down. She could barely keep herself together with Bob around and now everything around her is just falling apart. Her son hates her even more, her sister has gone behind her back and talked to a lawyer for medical malpractice, Bob left her nothing, and her son lied about Bob’s death to his new friends at school saying that he died in 9/11 (the movie takes place in 2002).
            Laura feels that everyone besides her brother-in-law Paul (Rob Benedict) is against her and bearing down on her. She cannot straighten herself out while everyone is putting pressure on her.
            Jenna Fischer to me is one of the greatest actresses around today but her talent is barely noticed because most everyone knows her as Pam Beesley from The Office. Yes, like many people I first knew her as Pam but the more I see of her in movies the more I adore her as an actress. She was excellent in this film. She really looked like a wreck and acted like such a wreck she was totally believable. This was not a glamorous role but Fischer went for it and she was perfect I cannot imagine anyone else in the role.
            The rest of the cast was very well chosen. It was weird seeing Chris O’Donnell be an asshole and cursing but he was great in his few scenes. Daniel Yelsky who played Dennis, Laura’s son, was so good and this was his first movie. Ever since I saw him on Alias years ago I can only see Rob Benedict as this small nerdy guy Sydney Bristow put through the ringer in the first episode of season four but now after this movie he is a grown up guy haha. Along with Fischer he was the best part of the movie I liked his character very much. Brooke Smith as Laura’s sister was annoying which was the point of the character I guess. She wanted everything perfect. Smith will always be Dr. Erica Hahn from Grey’s Anatomy to me so whatever she is in it is always weird. (Can you tell I watch way too much TV? Haha)
            A Little Help is a very good independent movie. The story is very touching and at times funny. Jenna Fischer gives a fantastic performance. The story makes you think twice about some of the decisions you make in life. The best scenes are of Laura and Paul reminiscing about when they were young and seeing how perfect they get along when no one else is.  If you can find A Little Help to view I highly suggest seeing. 

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