Friday, March 11, 2016

Bare (2015)

“I've done... a lot of things. And I, I have a lot to learn. But, you know, I would say: one thing that I've learned, that's true, is that if you don't make your own choices in life, the world will make them for you.”

            I live in a town where nothing really exciting goes on. I live in a shore town where it is dead in the winter and insanely crowded in the summer when the tourists come down. To me it is boring either way. For the past few years I have been dying to get out and experience something new. The kind of town I live and how I feel about it has been written about in countless books and made in to countless movies. The plot is tried and tired and overused and of course I wound up watching the movie Bare that has that plot.
            Sarah Barton (Dianna Agron) lives in a small Nevada town where nothing happens. Her life is aimless. She works at a grocery store where her head is not really in. Sarah is fired one day after a co-worker rats her out for not doing something. After getting fired instead of going home she heads to the antique store her father used to own. Her father passed away and she is having a hard time letting the store go. Sarah goes into the store and she finds a drifter named Pepper sleeping on the couch.
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            Pepper is someone adventurous to Sarah. Pepper takes Sarah to Reno for a night of ripping a gambler off and other things. Pepper reveals to Sarah that she works as a bartender at a strip club. Soon Sarah is working as a waitress and then a stripper. The two women wind up arguing one night when Sarah find out that Pepper is actually a stripper and owes someone a lot of money.
            Of course everything comes crashing down for Sarah. But with this crash comes a realization that she can no longer stay in her small town and live the life she has been living.

            Bare was alright. I was not very into. As I said the story has been done so many times. I kept thinking that there are so many ways to escape a small town, boring life and the way Sarah was going about it was not the best. I only watched Bare for Dianna Agron. I enjoy her acting so much. Agron was not bad at all but the character was just so blah for me. The character of Pepper annoying right from the moment she was introduced. Bare is available to view on Netflix. Unless you are a big fan of Dianna Agron skip Bare
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