Thursday, February 11, 2016

Joe and Caspar Hit the Road (2015)

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“We’re in the middle of a roundabout you dick head!”
            Road trip movies usually bother. I tend to find them boring and all the same be them comedies or dramas. So why, you may be asking yourself, am I reviewing what appears to be a road movie? I have watched Joe and Caspar Hit the Road because they are on YouTube and I occasionally watch Joe’s videos and I have seen Caspar in a few collaborations he has done with other YouTubers. I was curious to see what Hit the Road was about so I have watched it.
            The movie starts off with Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee hanging out in their apartment in London. They decide to take a road trip through some of Europe but with a challenge attached to it: they cannot have their phones on them and they have to work their way through their trip.
            The first country Joe and Caspar visit is Italy. They try their hand at being gondoliers and fail miserably. Then they get a job in a pizza place and Caspar loses his cool because he loves pizza. Caspar gets to make pizzas while Joe has to wash dishes. After the pizza place they get jobs as singing waiters and then move on to working in a superstore for the soccer team- I mean football team- AC Milan.
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            Their second stop is Madrid where they poorly draw caricatures of tourists and pose as those real life statue things.
            Their last stop brings Joe and Caspar to Cannes where they get a job working on a private yacht and they make a lot of money to where they can take the crew out for a celebration.

            Joe and Caspar Hit the Road was cute. I did not have any expectations going into this and I am very happy I did not. You can definitely tell it was scripted and planned which for me kind of took some of the fun out the whole thing, it all seemed so hokey. If Joe and Caspar had been a real travel documentary of them having real adventures through Italy, Spain, and France I would have liked this a little more. Joe and Caspar Hit the Road has its moments where it is fun and it has its moments where it is sluggish and silly but if you are a fan of YouTube or just love Joe and Caspar than it is worth watching. I must admit I do not plan on watching this again. 
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