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Internet Famous (2016)

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Before I got into the YouTube world last year I never knew there was such a thing as being internet famous. I literally thought YouTube was a place for crazy viral videos that came up on Tosh.0, finding classic movies, and ripping music and watching music videos. Then I got into the world of YouTube vloggers and my life has not been the same since in so many great ways. Since getting into the YouTube world I have become familiar with the stereotypes of the different types of vloggers and other social media celebs. There are the cute baby videos and family vloggers, the people who create parody videos, the teenagers who create comedy skits and advice videos and appeal to younger teenagers, there still are cat videos, there are some people who want to create and act in something so they turn to the web, and a whole host of other kinds of vloggers and web celebs. All these kinds of vloggers and personalities are just like movies and actors and actors in traditional Hollywood.
Vlogging and traditional Hollywood are rife for parodying. Mel Brooks made an entire career parodying everything from history to Hitchcock films to Frankenstein. With so many different kinds of personalities and silly kinds of videos being uploaded, all the vloggers on YouTube are definitely not safe from being parodied at all. That is just what the movie Internet Famous does and in the funniest, cleverest ways.
The story focuses on a group of popular vloggers who are placed in a competition through a popular talk show simply called Chris! to get a show of their own. The vloggers include Thomas Butterman (Shane Dawson) has millions of views and fans through his pop song parodies, Danny Wasserman thinks he is a serious film maker even though his videos are just of his cat walking around the house, Amber Day thinks she is a serious comedian but only has views because of her barely there clothing and because she is very pretty, Dale Hand (Steve Greene) makes videos scaring the shit out of his one-year-old daughter Lucy, and Veronica Dekker had a video she made where she was younger doing some kind of wobbly walk and then someone put the video to music and the video became a viral success and she has not been able to be taken seriously in Hollywood because of it.
Image result for internet famous movie
Image result for internet famous movie
Veronica thinks this contest could give her the chance to be more than just the Wobbly Walk girl. Thomas just wants to be more famous than he is and thinks his “employees” will help him win, Dale really does not have too much of a reason for doing the show, Danny wants to be taken seriously as a film maker without his cat even though his cat is the whole reason for his success, and Amber really kind of has no idea what the hell is going on.
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I am not really going to go too much detail with Internet Famous because there is so much going on. Just know it is hilarious, ridiculously silly, and so much fun to watch.
I first heard about Internet Famous because I watch the vlogger Nikki Limo. Limo is one of those YouTubers who is an actress. She has made skits and vlogs for a number of years now. She is hilarious and one of my favorite YouTubers. Limo is not in the movie but her fiancé, Steve Greene, plays Dale Hand and wrote the movie as well. Limo had been snapchatting the premiere and after I found out Greene wrote it I definitely had to see it. I also like Shane Dawson and knew he was in it as well. I did not know what to expect with the story of Internet Famous when I watched it. I was laughing at its silliness from the moment it began and by the end I loved it. If it had not been for Nikki Limo’s snapchat it would have taken me a while to watch Internet Famous, so I cannot thank Limo enough for snapchatting the premiere.

            While I found Internet Famous to be hilarious and enjoyable, I think it definitely helped that I am familiar with the YouTube vlogging culture (I am now a vlogger! Check out the link to my channel where I also review movies on the side bar). With that being said Internet Famous will be more fun to watch if you are familiar with the YouTube vlogging culture. 
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