Thursday, June 2, 2011

Get Him to the Greek

“When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall.”

            Let me just start off by saying I had no desire to ever sit through Get Him to the Greek. First of all there was no actor/actress in it that would make me want to sit through it and second from the trailer it looked like it was too much of a dude movie for me.  But alas I sat through it when my brother was flipping through the channels and found the movie on HBO. My brother is obsessed with Get Him to the Greek I remember when he saw this in theaters he came home laughing just thinking about it. When it came out on Blu Ray he went to just about every store looking for it.
            The movie is based off the character of Aldous Snow as first seen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. If you have not seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall Aldous Snow was the rock star Sarah Marshall dates. The character was brought into Get Him to the Greek. Aldous is not the rock star he was after the release of his album African Child bombed horribly. His life has been a mess since then he relapsed back to drugs and alcohol after he was clean for seven years and broke up with his long time girlfriend singer Jackie Q.
            Aaron Green works for a record company and is a huge fan of Aldous Snow and his band Infant Sorrow. He suggests to his boss Sergio during a meeting that they should try to get Aldous Snow and Infant Sorrow to do a ten year anniversary concert of when they performed at the Greek Theater. Sergio likes the idea, books the theater, and gets Aldous to do the show. He places Aaron in charge of bringing Aldous to L.A.
            Aaron bringing Aldous to L.A. should not be a big deal all he has to do is just escort Aldous around, get him on the plane from London to New York City for a performance on the Today Show then after the performance they have to fly to L.A. for the concert. That does not sound so hard does it? Well for Aaron he learns that traveling with Aldous is seriously a non-stop party that continues heavily 24/7.
            All I can say about the middle of the movie is OH MY GOD!!!! Seriously I do not even know how many times I said “oh my God” and palmed my forehead. I do not even want to write one thing that happened because you really just have to see all the shenanigans for yourself.
            Every one the actors were really good. Russell Brand is a weird combination of smooth and psychotic and just perfect with his comedy.  Jonah Hill to me is not that great I cannot stand looking at him he just annoys me. I tolerated him because he was the main character besides Brand. Rose Byrne as Jackie Q was great the more I see of her the more amazed I am at how good she is at comedy. She and Brand looked good together. Diddy played Sergio and he was the funniest most outrageous character of the whole movie. He was insane and I mean that literally. There are so many actors and actresses that when you see you will know who they and either start laughing or go “I will never look at them the same way again.”
            There is a soundtrack. The songs are really funny. I found Rose Byrne’s song “Ring ‘Round” the funniest just because I could not see her being so dirty. “The Clap” is another funny song.
            I will not say Get Him to the Greek is one of the funniest movie ever made but that is my opinion. I am sure if you ask any male they will say they loved it and it is one of their favorite movies ever. Check out Get Him to the Greek if you can stand very crude and very silly humor.

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