Friday, February 18, 2011


“And what was your role in all this?”

I think everyone who has ever played the game Clue knows how Clue the movie turns out. If you ever wondered what Clue the game would be like if it were played out as a comedy that is what the movie is. Every character was cast perfectly especially Wadsworth the Butler played by Tim Curry and Mrs. White played by Madeline Kahn. Every character is also very funny.  The comedy is almost like watching slapstick at times.
            Tim Curry played Wadsworth with such brilliantly dry humor even when he had to get excited. He has that look of psychotic evil (weird way to put it but that is as best I could come up with) that just makes you laugh whenever he starts talking. Madeline Kahn can seriously never do any wrong when it comes to comedy. Mrs. White was very serious but Kahn manages to either make a face or say something so subtly that just makes you howl with laughter. Her comedy is very restrained as fits the character but with her moments of “outburst” her great comedic timing comes out. Two times Kahn adlibs her lines and they come out to be some of the best lines of the movie.
            The rest of the cast is very good. Seeing a young Michael McKean as Mr. Green is always fun to watch he has such a great dry sense of humor as well, he was very smooth and still is. I remember seeing Martin Mull first when he was in Sabrina the Teenage Witch as Mr. Poole and he never changed even to this day.
            The script is not a strong script there are many scenes and lines that were not funny or just too winded. The cast was able to make the script witty and entertaining. The setting of the movie is after World War II. The blackmail towards the characters deals with each one of them being either involved in a death or having ties to Communism or in Colonel Mustard’s case profiteering off the War. This angle added much to the story and made it more interesting.  
            Since the board game can have random results the ending of the movie has three random endings.  One of the endings is pretty weak but the other two are very good. Madeline Kahn has one of her best movie scenes in one of the endings.
            Clue is a very funny and very entertaining movie to watch. This is a type of comedy that we unfortunately do not see any longer since everything has to be in our face and not let us think. Every time I watch Clue I always find something to laugh about that makes me love the movie all the more.


  1. Which end is your favorite? I really like the first one myself. They're all a little guilty in that one. Although the last ending makes the most sense, and, of course, it has the "I'm gonna go home and sleep with my wife" line, which is hilarious.

  2. the ending where they ar all guilty of course!! Madeline Kahn totally steals the scene in that ending which i love