Sunday, February 6, 2011


Heigl left holding a gun between her forefingers, Kutcher with a gun held close to his chest.
“How weird is this going to get? Because some things you cannot unsee.”

            Yes I did sit through this movie. I am willing to admit that I like Katherine Heigl as an actress… I’m probably one of a few people that like her after all her bitchiness with Grey’s Anatomy. So exactly where to begin this review of Killers I do not know. I had some issues with the movie. It felt so rushed and half assed. The story could have been so much sexier and so much more entertaining and it was not at all. I understand this was a comedy but there really wasn’t too much that was funny about it. Catherine O’Hara plays Heigl’s character’s mother and she’s pretty much the only really funny person in the movie.
            As a girl I will admit I do occasionally dream about meeting a hot guy in the south of France and have him take me around the area. I liked that part it was like watching a dream of mine being played out on the screen. But after Heigl and Ashton Kutcher meet the movie loses its appeal and sexiness. I was distracted by the fact that their house in the southern United States was huge and gorgeous and they seemed to have a lot of money. The house is gorgeous but distracting.
            I got annoyed with the movie as it went along. The story became a little stupid. Some of the action was pretty good. Seeing Katherine Heigl carrying a gun was cool it made me hope maybe one day she will be cast in a good serious action movie. I can only take so much of Ashton Kutcher before he annoys the ever living hell out of me. Heigl and Kutcher are so mismatched their casting should be an embarrassment for the casting director. I have never seen two actors trying to act like they are in love and have it be so unbelievable.
            Why Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher are being chased leaves you going “really? That’s the reason and that’s who it is?”
            Killers is a movie to maybe get off of Netflix or watch on TV. It can be fun to watch at some points but it kind of made me want to see something more I felt there was something missing but I can’t exactly tell… or maybe there was something that needed to be taken away… yeah that’s more of the deal. If you want a movie where you do not have to think too hard and just want to have a bit of a laugh or have nothing better to see watch Killers.

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