Saturday, February 26, 2011


“All men must choose between two paths. Good is the path of honor, friends and family. Evil... well, it's just cooler”

            Megamind is one of the best animated, what to call it… action movie? Super hero movie? Comedy movie? Well is it all four genres with a little twist.
            Will Ferrell excellently plays the “evil” Megamind bent on destroying Metro City and its superhero Metroman. When he finally gets rid of Metroman once and for all he takes over the city. A while later he becomes board having no one to fight with so he decides to create a new super hero called Tighten. Only things do not go over so smoothly for the new hero so with the help of feisty and sassy TV reporter Roxanne Ritchie Megamind changes sides and helps to rid the city of Tighten.
            This was a really great spin on super hero movies. I enjoyed Megamind from beginning to end. Will Ferrell always goes a bit over the top in his movies but it worked here very well. Megamind likes to be a bad guy who makes very theatrical introductions and is very dramatic. Tina Fey is as always nothing short of a snarky, sarcastic, biting genius when it comes to comedy and was utterly perfect as Roxanne. She had so many lines that I could picture Liz Lemmon saying on 30 Rock haha. David Cross always has be laughing in whatever he happens to be in. He was the voice of Megamind’s assistant Minion who is part fish part gorilla and part robot. Jonah Hill as usual plays the awkward nerd Hal who turns into Tighten. Hal has a massive crush on Roxanne and thinks that by becoming a super hero she will like him but nothing in life goes exactly as planned even in animated movies. Brad Pit… who wouldn’t want to see him as a super hero even if it was just his voice.
            Megamind is a really entertaining and very different super hero story. I liked the twist and turns the story threw. Megamind is a character that you root for and cannot help but love. This movie will keep you hooked and happy and hoping more movies- not just animated- come out this in the future.

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